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Chris Briddell

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, AnMed Health

  • Native of Laurel, Maryland
  • Industry Healthcare

After two decades living in the Washington, D.C. area, Chris Briddell traded in the high costs and congestion of D.C. for the lower costs and relaxed yet vibrant energy of Upstate South Carolina.

In October 2018, Chris took on the role of Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for AnMed Health, a comprehensive healthcare system providing care for residents of Upstate South Carolina and northeast Georgia. It’s also the largest employer in Anderson County.

The job is what brought Chris to the area, but he had heard about Upstate SC through friends, who raved about its amenities and proximity to Charlotte and Atlanta.

“It’s progressive professionally and there are plenty of things to do socially,” he said. “I love sports and the outdoors, and there are a lot of opportunities from college football and basketball to parks and trails.”

When Chris was considering the move, cost of living made Upstate SC even more attractive. “The difference in the cost of living is really noticeable,” he said. “Your lifestyle doesn’t change, but you now have even more discretionary income. I’m renting right now, but starting to look for a permanent residence. Throughout the process, I’ve had a huge smile on my face based on what I can get for my dollar here.”

Since moving to Upstate SC, Chris has been able, not only to stay active, but also to try a range of new restaurants—he’s still working his way through the list. “If you took this area, especially Greenville, and picked it up and put it just outside of Washington, D.C., there would be no difference in terms of the variety and quantity of restaurants,” he said.

Prior to relocating for the opportunity with AnMed Health, Chris held positions with Adventist HealthCare and the University of Maryland Medical System. Coming from a background in healthcare, Chris was impressed with Upstate SC’s health and wellness ecosystem. “I appreciate the variety of healthcare offered here—from acute and urgent care to our extensive physician network.” Chris is currently working to build the internal audit team at AnMed Health. For employees at all levels, the system offers a variety of mentorship programs and opportunities for advancement. “When people talked about moving south for careers, it was always Charlotte or Atlanta,” he added. “Now, people are talking about Upstate South Carolina. There are great professional opportunities here.”

“Coming from an area where the traffic is horrendous, the fact that we’re within two hours of Charlotte and Atlanta really expands my options,” he added. “That’s an easy daytrip for me.” Chris currently lives within walking distance of downtown Greenville and appreciates that, on the weekends, he can park his car and travel by foot or bike until Monday.

Another big difference between the D.C. area and Upstate SC? The weather. “Since moving here in October, I’ve worn an overcoat maybe twice,” he said. Chris enjoys biking and hiking and takes full advantage of the warm, comfortable climate in the Upstate.

“I’ve seen growth happen here in real time,” he said. “I’m pleasantly surprised by the new buildings, new restaurants and numerous sporting options. It makes me feel like I really made the right choice.”

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The difference in the cost of living is really noticeable. Your lifestyle doesn’t change, but you now have even more discretionary income.

Chris Briddell
Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, AnMed Health

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