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Tell the Upstate SC Story

Looking for tools to help recruit top talent to your company by showcasing the best of living and working in Upstate South Carolina? You’ve come to the right place.

It takes a village to build a brand and initiative of this kind, so we appreciate your interest in helping to tell the Upstate SC story. For questions about the use of these resources, please contact Tiffany Tate, Chief Talent Ambassador for the Upstate SC Alliance.

Downtown Greenville at Nigth with Reedy River

Spread the Word

The following messages distill the top assets Upstate SC offers to talent as a place to live and work. You can use these messages as talking points for meetings and presentations, or in your marketing materials with permission from the Upstate SC Alliance.

Experience “Big City” Amenities + Blue Ridge Mountains.

Located at the heart of the Charlotte-Atlanta corridor and in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Upstate SC provides the balance of outdoor adventures with top-ranked foodie and cultural scenes. It’s no wonder 30 people move to the Upstate every day, on average. And, beaches, boardwalks and picturesque mountain trails are all just a short drive away.

Stay Globally Connected.

Home to more than 505 international companies, Upstate SC is a culturally diverse and welcoming place to live and work. Whether you’re out on a trail, at a local brewery or at the office, it’s not uncommon to hear the chatter of several different languages. Plus, with three international airports within three hours, including our own GSP International, it’s easy to connect to new places and cultures firsthand.

Give Yourself A Raise.

In Upstate SC, you don’t have to work 60 hours a week and commute through traffic to live the life you want. Instead, you can enjoy that extra cup of coffee and a bike ride to work in the morning. Our cost of living is lower than Charlotte, Nashville, Austin and Atlanta and everything from a downtown apartment to a family home is attainable at a reasonable price. You’ll also see lower costs on utilities, transportation and other expenses, so you can feel good about splurging on a weekend getaway.

Stop Chasing. Start Climbing.

With a bounty of available jobs across a range of industries, there’s room for everyone on the way up in Upstate SC. Far from the cut-throat environment often found in major metro areas, Upstate SC’s business community prides itself in its spirit of collaboration and the daily courtesies that go a long way toward promoting a friendly, authentic culture. Whether it’s grabbing coffee with a local business leader or attending a young professional happy hour, you’ll find people who are eager to help you reach your career goals.

Get Happy. Stay Active.

Upstate SC residents enjoy 221 days of mood-boosting sunshine every year and four pleasantly moderate seasons. With natural wonders so close by, you can spend your morning hiking Table Rock or biking one of our world-renowned trails and take a dip in the lake all before lunchtime. When you get hungry, head to Greenville, ranked the No. 3 Best Downtown in the country, for lunch overlooking a waterfall, or venture out in to the region to sample some of the best barbeque in the south.


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Here, you’ll find everything you need to use our brand to help market the Upstate region to potential talent and residents. Please download our Brand Guidelines for rules on how to use the brand and make sure to check with the Upstate SC Alliance before any public promotion.


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