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HVAC Technician

Air Out Your Opportunities

HVAC Technician

Training Time: 4-12 months

HVAC technicians are essential to our daily lives – in our homes, offices, gyms, schools and shopping centers. These talented techs install, maintain, and repair the HVAC systems that keep you cool as a cucumber during summer, and warm and cozy in the winter. If you dread the monotony of a 9-to-5 office job, value freedom and independence, and love solving problems, join the ranks of HVAC techs in Upstate SC. You can get started by enrolling in an HVAC training program to earn an HVAC certification at one of Upstate South Carolina’s technical colleges.

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Beginning Electricity & Refrigeration Certificate in Applied Science

This program trains the student as a beginning HVAC helper and/or mechanic, providing knowledge and experience in residential air conditioning and applications.

Training time required: 4 months

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technician Certificate in Applied Science

This program provides students with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to install and service air conditioning, heat pumps, gas, oil, electric heating equipment, and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Training time required: 12 months

Introduction to HVAC Certificate

Classroom and in shop training focuses on basic principles and theories of HVAC, specialized tool usage, and the opportunity to obtain the Environmental Protection Agency 608 certification. Students develop knowledge of the refrigeration cycle, basic components of the refrigeration cycle, and an understanding of thermodynamics through the refrigeration cycle.

Training time required: 4 months

HVACR Installers Certificate

The certificate will enable students to gain entry level skills for HVACR equipment installation.

Training time required: 8 months

HVAC Certificate

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration students learn skills to repair, install and maintain domestic, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment and controls.

Training time required: 12 months

HVAC Apprentice Certificate

This certificate is designed to prepare students to do entry-level work in the HVAC industry.  This certificate covers the fundamentals of residential HVAC equipment.  Students who earn this certificate will be prepared to assist HVAC technicians with installation and/or repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

Training time required: 7 months


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