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Jehan Wills

Senior Marketing Manager

  • Native of Danville, KY
  • Industry Creative Services

If you put her previous residences on a spectrum, you’d find a charming, Southern small Kentucky town at one end and the tree-lined streets of the nation’s capital at the other.

In between, you’ll find Mauldin, South Carolina, the supportive, “right size” atmosphere where Jehan Wills is setting roots.

And what a journey she’s had: since moving to downtown Greenville in 2019, she has purchased a home, welcomed twin boys, and received a promotion to Senior Marketing Manager with McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture.

“Prior to moving to Greenville, I had only visited a few times before. After my first trip here, I knew it would be a great place to land,” she says.

So how does the Upstate region compare to big city living?

“There’s a nice balance of a bustling downtown with the charm and manageability of a small city. I love the big city life— restaurants, parks, and attractions, that’s what drew me to D.C.,” she says.

“After relocating to Greenville, we moved to the heart of downtown. I quickly realized all the perks and amenities I enjoyed there were here as well. Great dining options, a walkable and vibrant downtown, a dynamic art scene, tons of outdoor space, we explored it all. Greenville has all the offerings of a large city without the constant hustle and bustle. While living downtown, one of our favorite spots to explore was Falls Park and Liberty Bridge, which we visited daily for walks with our Golden Retriever, Rupp. Living in the core of downtown was a great experience, but when we found out we were expecting twins, we quickly realized we needed to start searching for a home.”

Queen City to Capital City to the Upstate

A marketing and communications pro with diverse experience, Jehan honed her skills working in commercial real estate in Charlotte before moving to Washington, D.C., as a Marketing Coordinator for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), a global architecture firm known for projects like the Burj Khalifa. There, she handled business development, proposals, and qualification efforts.

A graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.A. in Corporate Communication, Jehan has always been interested in the intersection of marketing, business development, and communication— the sweet spot where she applies her creative energy today.

When the opportunity to relocate to an architecture firm in Greenville presented itself in 2019 (her husband Ethan works for Fluor, with offices in the Upstate), Jehan jumped at the chance to do what she loves in the Upstate. Even though she had only been to Greenville a handful of times, she knew the Upstate offered plenty of opportunities for a healthy work-life balance.

The Right Size to Collaborate

Since moving to the Upstate, Jehan has loved blending her knowledge gleaned from an international leading firm with the personal, relationship-focused and collaborative dynamic of McMillan Pazdan Smith, with nearly 280 employees across seven offices in the Carolinas and Georgia.

She oversees the marketing efforts for the architecture firm’s Higher Education and K-12 studios. And her office, an adapted historical building with modern design, fosters easy collaboration with architects seated nearby.

“I enjoy focusing my efforts with the education studios. It’s a unique opportunity to see how design impacts and influences education and learning styles,” she says. “Education and equitability are incredibly important to me, and understanding how our team thoughtfully creates state-of-the-art space designed for all students has been eye opening. I sit in on recurring meetings with both studios, a space for idea sharing and collaboration, which is invaluable,” she adds.

“Not only does our team discuss the design itself, but also the foundation of creating a 21st century flexible learning environment—an inclusive approach that considers every student and different learning styles. Our firm’s philosophy is rooted in the idea of ’good design‘ meaning functional yet beautiful designs that enhance the quality of the community. Listening in on these meetings, you can certainly tell that ideology is applied in their work.”

Supported in Motherhood

In January of 2021, Jehan and her husband welcomed twin boys Henry and Charlie. The return to work after maternity leave was certainly a transition, and she’s found an ongoing environment of support and flexibility that’s vital to helping a new mother adjust to changing life circumstances.

“I really enjoy the balance of the corporate work environment and motherhood, and am appreciative that our firm understands the importance of a work-life balance.”

Jehan’s work ethic paid off, and her promotion to a Senior Marketing Manager with McMillan Pazdan Smith was a pleasant surprise while still on maternity leave.

“The firm has been very flexible and accommodating with my schedule, “she says. “I feel very fortunate to work with an understanding and collaborative team. I look forward to exploring my new role—both professionally and personally.”

Upstate SC Favorites

Outdoor Activity:

Taking the family to Falls Park


The Greenville Zoo. “We go all the time, and the boys love it!”

Prior to moving to Greenville, I had only visited a few times before. After my first trip here, I knew it would be a great place to land.

Jehan Wills
Senior Marketing Manager, McMillan Pazdan Smith

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